Zandvoorts museum

Every year, the Zandvoorts Museum presents a themed exhibition around the (Historic) Grand Prix. We are proud to be able to put a famous Zandvoort in the spotlight this year: Jan Lammers.

Like many boys from the village, he started as a jack of all trades at Rob Slotemaker’s slip school. His talent behind the wheel soon became apparent. In 1973 he was champion in the Simca, in 1978 in Formula 3 and in 1979 he drove Formula 1. In the 40 years that followed, Jan Lammers achieved many successes on circuits all over the world. Jan has recently been taking it easy as a driver, so it is a good moment for a look back. An extensive overview of Jan’s career has been published in “The biography of a life at 300 km/h”, a book compiled by Mark Koense and Erik Verkaaik. We were allowed to select the most beautiful photos from these, which can be seen in large format in the museum and at the outdoor exhibition on the Zandvoort boulevard. In addition, many dozens of Jan’s cars can be seen in the museum, to scale. From the Simcas of Slotemaker’s Slip School, via the Formula Ford, Formula 3 and Formula 1 to Le Mans. But you will also see Dakar trucks, the BTCC Volvos, Indycars and much more. All these models have been kindly made available by Paul Beijersbergen van Henegouwen, the man behind the Jan Lammers Collection (available online at We also show the necessary memorabilia from various collections, including that of the Autosport Museum Zandvoort. The book “The biography of a life at 300 km/h” is of course available in the museum shop, as well as other memorabilia related to the Grand Prix.

The exhibition in the Zandvoorts Museum (and on the Boulevard) runs this year from 20 August to 21 November. The year 2021 is a special year, because for the first time since 1985 there is again a real Grand Prix on our circuit in the dunes. There is therefore much more to do in Zandvoort around the Grand Prix. Until the end of December, the Pop Up Museum in the Town Hall (opposite the Zandvoorts Museum) shows CAR ART, an exhibition of art around cars, with a wink and sometimes a visual commentary on the Grand Prix. This is supplemented with memorabilia from the Team Bleekemolen Collection. CAR ART will be expanded at the end of August with an outdoor exhibition on the Boulevard de Favauge. Museum HDMZ houses the Race Experience Zandvoort from 31 July to 19 September, with a focus on drivers who have a special connection with the Zandvoort Circuit, with a 360-degree film sensation in the Panorama Filmzaal, the possibility to use the race simulator to see a real-life track experience and a motorsport cafe.